The Education of a Graphic Designer [1998] – Steven Heller

“This compelling collection of essays, interviews, and course syllabi is the ideal tool to help teachers and students keep up in the rapidly changing field of graphic design. Contributors, including Milton Glaser, Lou Danziger, Jessica Helfand, Paula Scher, Maud Lavin, Armin Vit, and Marty Newmeier, offer original theories and proposals on design education concerns. Personal anecdotes from these stars about their own education, their mentors, and their students make this an entertaining and illuminating idea book.” –



> Education in an Adolescent Profession Katherine McCoy
> Raising the Bar for Higher Education Meredith Davis
> Liberal Arts Is Old News Frank Baseman
> Graphic Design Education as a Liberal Art: Design and Knowledge in the University and the “Real World” Gunnar Swanson
> Liberal Arts and Graphic Design: Six Cautionary Questions Gunnar Swanson
> Anxious about the Future? Ken Garland
> That Was Then: Corrections & Amplifications Lorraine Wild
55 Catching Up with the Past: Shifting the Pedagogical Paradigm Leslie Becker
57 Legacy of a 1960s Credo Kenneth Hiebert
63 Graphic Design Family Values Paul J. Nini
66 What Is “Professional” about Professional Education? Meredith Davis
74 Emptying the Spoon, Enlarging the Plate: Some Thoughts on Graphic Design Education
Warren Lehrer
81 Design Rockism Nick Currie
84 From Form to Context: Teaching a Different Type of Design History Prasad Boradkar
89 Principles Before Style: Questions in Design History Richard Hollis
92 The Case for Critical History Steven Heller
98 Putting Criticism into Critique Nancy Mayer
102 Remaking Theory, Rethinking Practice Andrew Blauvelt
109 Talking Theory / Teaching Practice Johanna Drucker
116 Writing Now: Journalism, Criticism, Critical Journalism Rick Poynor
125 Circling the Desert: The Illusion of Progress William Longhauser
128 What This Country Needs Is a Good Five-Year Design Program Steven Heller